March 11, 2014

Spring Fever

We've been getting ourselves, Daisy, and the horses in shape with lots of rides in the past few weeks.
Daisy is so excited about getting out on the trails.  She insists on carrying a halter herself as we go out to get the horses.
We went to Tabby Mountain a few times, where Daisy cooled off in potholes wherever she could find them.
A huge old pinon pine attracted Steve's attention.
In the Cedars, Daisy inspected the beaver dam and proclaimed the water fine for swimming.
Steve and Boss paused at a pond to admire reflections.
In Ouray Wildlife Refuge, we saw lots of Canada geese on the Green River, and heard sandhill cranes flying overhead.
A prairie dog peeked out of his hole,
And the wild horse herd that roams the area paused to stare at us.
Sometimes Mischief ponies along, and sometimes he just stays home.  While his compadres are being led out for a training run, Mischief maintains a low profile, hoping no one will notice him hiding out in the shed.  Is that a yawn, or is he laughing at his hard-working buddies?
He's our senior equine at 24, and he enjoys his days off!


  1. what a fun day....can't wait to see more of your the wild horses...

  2. Your new post is like deja vu! Bob and i were just talking about your winter in UT and wondering if you still had snow. From the photos, I see you're riding into spring! I do see snow on the high peaks. Are you going to do your competition at Moab again this spring? Mischief looks as though he's whinnying goodbye to you! Glad you're all well and staying active.

  3. Let the adventures begin :) Loved the photos as always, LOVED Mischief's expression.

  4. Breathtaking scenery! The only place I've ever seen prairie dogs is at the Desert Museum, how great to see one in out in nature and wild horses too. :)

  5. You had some beautiful Spring Training rides. It's good to see that Daisy does her part to get the horses ready. I'm glad Daisy is good at checking the water you find. I like the picture of Mischief.

  6. You had some beautiful Spring Training rides. It's good to see that Daisy does her part to get the horses ready. I'm glad Daisy is good at checking the water you find. I like the picture of Mischief.

  7. Glad to see you guys getting out and about.

    I think Daisy may be the post popular dog on the internet.

  8. We have had some nice days lately! I'm glad you have had some good rides. That shot of Mischief is a keeper!

  9. Janie. I just LOVE the prairie dog; the first time I see one. And as usual Daisy is my ABSOLUTE fave! She is SO cute and clever, carrying that halter and then cooling down in potholes filled with water. Enjoy the ride.

  10. I love all your photos and narration. So glad you are able to get out and enjoy your trails again. Mischief is so cute and funny; glad there are 'days off'!
    Give Daisy a kiss from me…she is the cutest thing ever.

  11. Stunning scenes, as always! It's fun to see Daisy carrying the halter and imagine what she is thinking. :D

    Those are particularly gorgeous, rich colors in your fifth and sixth images.

    Funny Mischief!


  12. I always enjoy your adventurous trail rides and Miss Daisy of course, of course :)

  13. Hi there, I always love hearing from you. You all get to take so many wonderful rides in that gorgeous area of our country.

    We just got home from Hocking Hills, Ohio to celebrate G's birthday... We have never seen so much ice in one place EVER... Gorgeous waterfalls/icicles --but oh how dangerous to walk around on that ice!!!!


  14. Ah nothing to match the exhilaration of the first spring outings.

  15. Daisy is a big help when she wants to be, I see. Ah, spring - or the thought of impending spring - sure makes us all excited, doesn't it?

  16. Hope those sandhills keep moving north and bring spring with them. Old horses are funny--our friends have one that likes easy rides in the summer, but will do anything to get out of being saddled in the winter. And old horses do learn lots of tricks!

  17. With springtime approaching the drab country will transform soon !

  18. yay! Spring is here! Time for your adventures again so I can start drooling!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond



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