January 30, 2014

Best Friends

Have you seen the "Puppy Love" superbowl ad?  It's sappy and adorable, and way too cute to miss!  If this doesn't make you smile, check your pulse.
Seeing this reminded me of a six week old Daisy interacting with Boss.
 Seven years later, the trust and friendship remains.
Below is a photo of a bald eagle, hanging out in a cottonwood tree near the creek, looking for lunch.  Alas, the creek was frozen, so the fishing was poor. After a few hours, he moved on.  We've seen several bald eagles in the area this year.
Last week, we had a spring-like ride on Tabby Mountain.  
No snow, dry trails, and temps near 50 at 7000 feet.  This week, we're getting much-needed snow.  Back to winter!  Maybe next month the weather will cooperate for a trip to southern Utah.


  1. I have seen the Budweiser ad, and your picture of the young Daisy and Boss fits it perfectly. I'd be very happy to send you some winter weather, but I do hope you get in your southern Utah ride next month.

  2. Glad to hear from you... I saw that sweet commercial today on Facebook... Love it!!!!

    Boss and Daisy are definitely good friends... That is SUPER.

    Hope your weather cooperates for a trip to Southern Utah.


  3. I saw that ad last night and loved it. Daisy and Boss are adorable together.
    Happy trails :)

  4. Love this sweet video and your photos, especially of Daisy as a wee pup. All great shots Jane and very enjoyable, thank you :)

  5. I love the video. Puppies are special and a lot of work.

    My dad in Idaho talks about the lack of snow pack has the irrigators worried about the summer.

  6. I thought the commercial was adorable too. loved a peek back at Daisy's past.

  7. The video is precious but not as precious as your photo of Puppy Daisy and Boss. ♥

    That is a beautiful capture of the Bald Eagle! Sad to hear that fishing was not an option for him there.

    Enjoy your snow. We've had no shortage of it here. I don't mind the snow, but I could do without the subzero temps. Brrrr!


  8. Been missing you, Janie, but I've been missing too!

    I love the commercial but more loved Daisy's relationship with Boss. Darling baby pup!

    Hope you get your ride in Utah! Your header is gorgeous but it only makes me think of the frigid temps we have been having for too long!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  9. Daisy pup was the spitting image of the Budweiser pup! We rode yesterday... it was almost 50* here too! but alas, no moisture in the forecast here.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. The puppy commercial is being shown in Canada too, although I may have seen over Buffalo, New York TV, which we get with our basic cable package north of Toronto.

    Love your shots of Daisy and Boss. ;)

  11. I have so smile at you guys' idea of a spring-like ride! lol So bundled up!

    Those pictures of Daisy and Boss are adorable. Great picture of the bald eagle too.

  12. That could certainly be Daisy in the video. Love seeing her with the horses.

  13. My pulse is just fine; love that commercial so much.
    Love the photo of Daisy and Boss then and now; the girls said "awwwww"
    I never tire of seeing those gorgeous bald eagles!

  14. Looks like it was a cold ride, but if you are going to enjoy the outdoors it is sometimes cold.


  15. Adorable indeed. I'm looking to get a yellow lab puppy this spring...;)

  16. I loved the comparative pics of the dog and horse!!!

    lovely outdoors as always in your blog

  17. Hi Janie, I'm late dropping by - love the Boss and Daisy photos! You're so lucky to be seeing the eagles. I've never seen one around our house, though I have seen a Golden Eagle nearby. Your landscape did look dry! I hope you got snow. We're having a record year both in snowfall and tourism. Hi to all - hope you are well.



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