March 26, 2014

Spring Training

We see plenty of wildlife on Tabby Mountain WMA (Wildlife Management Area).  The area, about 100 square miles, is gated and closed to vehicular traffic from December 1 to May 1. 
We often see large herds of deer and elk on Tabby.  
Last week we saw a moose nibbling on gambel oak leaf buds.  He was on a hillside only about 100 feet away.  
He saw us but didn't seem to care.  
Ouray Wildlife Refuge is another wide open place to ride.  
The sandhill cranes are back along the Green River.  Between the squawking cranes and the Canada geese, silence is in short supply.


  1. how fun to get that close to the animals...great photos...

  2. The moose's coat looks so luxurious. How exciting to see him so close - I'm glad he didn't mind you being there. :) Beautiful scenery, as always. The Sandhills just migrated over our house about 2 weeks ago.


  3. You certainly have some beautiful areas for your rides. Your photos of the moose are marvelous.

  4. Beautiful place to go. I love the third shot with the layer cake effect of sky over mountains, over desert, over river.

  5. What a marvelous place to ride.. One thing about riding (instead of hiking): You can get totally away from people most of the time. We love to hike when nobody else is around. Makes one feel as if the world is ALL OURS...

    Love seeing the wildlife especially that moose. He was giving you the 'eye'... ha

    Does Daisy never chase or bark at other wildlife??? I've read that some dogs do---and can get in trouble at times.

    Beautiful photos.

  6. I can almost hear the noisy geese from here. :)
    What lovely views....but that Moose is my personal favorite; he's gorgeous!!!

  7. Hi Janie, I see the moose is still stepping through snow, but most of your photos show springtime. Is your big ride in Moab soon? We had 3 of the grands this week for spring break and get 2 more on Sat - then we'll need a spring break! More snow today - we skied.

  8. You always see such beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife on your rides!

  9. Looking forward to all your summer rides in such interesting places. Getting so close to a moose would be unusual here. Maybe being on horseback lowers their fear...

  10. I always feel like it is something special to see a moose. This time of year we see the cranes as they migrate. They land in the hayfields and cornfields to nibble on the gleanings I think.

  11. Fantastic shots! I especially loved the ones of the moose :)

  12. Great moose pictures. That's so exciting!



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