June 6, 2013

Tworoose Pass Trail

This scenic Utah trailhead is close to home
Starting at 8500 feet, we ride along a rocky trail lined with serviceberry,
with plenty of balsamroot and Indian paintbrush in bloom,
These unknown yellow flowers set off the view.
Cliff-rose are also in bloom. 
Much of the trail is shaded by aspen, dressed in spring green.
A forest service sign points out the Tworoose Pass trail.
When we reach 10,500, we can gaze across a mile-long meadow toward the base of Duck Peak (11,500 ft) .  
A deep snowdrift still remains where spruce shades the ground. 
Miniature bluebells bloom in the high meadow. 
This bittercress is also tiny, but perfect, and blooming profusely in the sub-alpine terrain.


  1. I love those sweet miniature bluebells. Hmmm, some snow remains?! I guess the horses are okay with the changes in altitude but then I don't know what altitude you live at...and that could be fairly high up. eh?

  2. That rocky trail looks a little scary! Can't believe you saw brook cress already! Enjoy these days of warmth, Janie and Steve!

  3. I love the heady smell of the cliff rose, also in bloom here.

  4. Spring rides near your home provide a marvelous array of beautiful scenes. The smallest wildflowers are as beautiful as those high mountains.

  5. The higher you go, the more snow you see.. Love seeing all of the little wildflowers. Those tiny Bluebells are so cute....

    Where did Tworoose Pass get its name???? Bet it's something creative... Love studying the names of places like that...

    Have fun.. Gorgeous ride!

  6. Those tiny bluebells are so pretty! Beautiful, rough terrain. Lovely scenes, as always.


  7. I'd like to know the story of Tworoose Pass too, if you know it.

    The flowers are all so beautiful and that tiny little bluebell is just priceless.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. I marvel at those majestic mountain scenes and flowers that bloom there.
    I love the tiny bluebells ~:)

  9. Wow, again, a great high country adventure. It may be just a ride to you but it looks like adventure to me. I love the contrast between the huge mountains and the tiny flowers.

  10. Pretty area, nice to see what's growing and blooming up there. I love the shot with the aspen lined trail.

  11. So serene a setting, a touch of winter, a touch of spring ... awesome.
    TTFN ~

  12. Such lovely views. The skies are the bluest aren't they??? Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Fantastic expedition, wonderful views, wonderful photographs:) I am greeting

  14. I'm always amazed at the familiar but in some ways unfamiliar wildflowers that bloom in the West at high altitudes. :)

  15. What delightful flowers and amazing scenery.

  16. what a gorgeous ride today and I love aspen's dressed in Spring green.



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