June 1, 2013

Please Don't Eat the Daisies

North of Vernal, off of Taylor Mountain Road, the hills are in bloom.  Boss appears to be eating the Balsamroot, but he's really going for the green grass. 
The horses are looking sleek.  Mischief carries his 23 years well.  I'm not riding him as much this year, but he still enjoys getting out, either with a rider or without.  Sometimes we let him follow along while we ride Coco and Boss, and that's fine with him. 
A variety of wildflowers adorn the hillsides: paintbrush, larkspur, wallflowers, phlox and balsamroot. 
Daisy checks out a rocky ledge over Ashley Gorge.  Look out, it's a long way down!
Douglas fir's cones are a deep red color when they first form.  Pretty, aren't they?
Pasque flowers bloom in the shade of the aspens at 8500 feet. 
Daisy goes for a swim in the pool at Bear Spring. 
It was a Daisy-fine day for one and all.


  1. Looks like a great ride. Yes, the horses look very sleek. I never knew that about the Douglas pinecones starting out red. Or else I knew it and forgot! They are pretty. It was a Goldilocks day here. Neffs was gorgeous, but wow, it was a major hit with the bugs too. Got lots of bites.

  2. HI Janie, Gorgeous photos.. Love all of the wildflowers. AND those little red cones are so pretty... I've never seen them red before I don't think.

    Glad Mischief is still doing well.. He certainly doesn't look his 23 yrs. How old is Boss???

    That does look like a long way down off of that ledge....

    Beautiful area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Janie!

    I visited your tab of animal friends today and enjoyed looking at Daisy and her pals!

    Looks like a wonderful ride and you are lucky for some sunshine. We have had cloudy skies, rain, no big storm but just enough to not want to go walking in it!

    Cheers and hugs,


  4. Beautiful wild flowers... Y'all have do much fun on tryout outtings

  5. OMW your horses are beautifully sleek. And Mischief looks good for such a great age. The wildflowers are spectacular and new to me, especially the Douglas fir in flower. I always love to see Daisy too. Have a great ride. Greetings, Jo

  6. Absolutely beautiful - though a touch chilly, I think. All your animals looks splendid - fit and well-exercised.

  7. . . . that should be 'look' not 'looks'

  8. So horses do reach an age when they no longer should be ridden. I didn't know that but then I suppose that is where "put out to pasture" originates.

  9. I'm glad to hear that Boss wasn't eating the daisies. Your hills are beautiful all the time, but I like the colorful wildflowers that are now blooming. I'm glad Daisy found a nice pool for a quick dip.

  10. It DOES look like a lovely day for the whole gang. Mischief does look great for his age....but then, I know very little about horses and aging. Is it hard on them to be ridden when they get older? I suppose just like humans, all the little aches and pains start to make themselves known.

  11. Them thar hills are alive with colorful spring flowers.
    You are all looking fit-as-a-fiddle Janie.
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous mountain views ~:)

  12. The scenery and flowers are beautiful, and Daisy looks like she's having fun in the pool!

  13. I remember reading the book but never from horseback. The pasque flowers are my favorite. They bloomed very late this year as Easter was early and spring very late. :)

  14. what a gorgeous day for a ride. The mountains are so beautiful when they are in bloom.

  15. very beautiful place. more greenery shot spot here. want some fun here.

  16. So beautiful this time of year! I have pasque flowers in my gardens but would love to see them in the wild.

  17. Wow, beautiful pics. Such colors.

  18. The Pasque is one of my favorite early blooms. Mischief carries his years well.



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