June 10, 2013

Paradise Found

Steve and Coco on Jay Point, between Lake Mt. and Mosby Mt.
Early summer in the mountains is paradise, or as close to it as earth dwellers are likely to experience. 
At 8000 feet, sun illuminates the white blooms of the serviceberry along the Lake Mountain trail. 
At Bear Wallow Spring, the new green seems to glow.
Milkvetch and Balsamroot on Middle Mountain

Wild Iris

Wildflowers are everywhere. 
Gull Lake reflects Marsh Peak's snowfields
and looms behind the fields of flowers. 
Paradise?  Maybe not, but for those of us not ready for Prime Time Heaven, these sights come pretty close.


  1. It does indeed look like a paradise. The wildflowers are incredibly ovely, the grass so green, the sky blue and there's still some snow on the mountains in the distance.

  2. All you have shown us does look like Paradise, what would put the cap on it for me, is to know what the temperature is . . .Anywhere from 60-72 would convince me!

    Cheers and hugs, Janie!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. I'm not going to argue with you. I'll simply thank you for sharing paradise with us.

  4. The wildflowers are spectacular! Especially that wild lily.

  5. Wow---that truly is Paradise... Look at those gorgeous wildflowers blooming everywhere. WOW.. Gotta love it. Wish I were there with you all.


  6. Wow, what sights of the high country (high to me anyway) in early summer. Wonderful!

  7. perfect title
    paradise found yes its a paradise

  8. Spring colours are so vibrant and fresh. Glorious scenery - the lake is so beautiful. Paradise indeed.

  9. indeed paradise


  10. Absolutely gorgeous! You do live in a very beautiful area. :-)


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  12. I think you really did find paradise. Anyway I think it is perfect.

  13. Looking at these pictures I realize that the world is wonderful.
    Beautiful places I will never see in person but know that there are
    makes me happy.
    Flowers and beautiful landscapes.
    Ciao from Italy.



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