April 29, 2013

Through the Narrows

Within the Muley Twist, the sandstone cliffs form narrow, winding sections, enough to "twist a mule", they say.  The horses weren't too stressed, though.  They did get a little excited when we came upon a hiker, but only until they figured out he was just a puny human wearing a backpack.  Not an alien after all. 
In such narrow confines, the main danger would be a flash flood.  A rain storm as much as 50 miles away could result in a tremendous rush of water through this canyon. 
Here, you can see the high water mark, shown by debris around a cottonwood tree trunk.  It's higher than the top of Steve's hat.  We checked the weather report before leaving home, and no rain was in the forecast. 
Notice the position of Boss's muzzle.  He's resting it on Steve's arm.  That seems like a very sweet gesture on Boss's part.  But maybe he's just hoping he'll get a treat! (BTW, that's a homemade GPS holder on Steve's hip, not a gun holster!)
Where the canyon spread out, we found plenty of bunch grass.  In spite of the good grazing, no deer or antelope signs were apparent.  Maybe there's not enough water to support them.
We found a few "waterpocket" pools.  The horses were pleased at the discovery because the day was warm. 
In the middle of the above photo, you can see one of the many alcoves in the canyon.  No doubt they would be fun to explore.
Next post, I'll show you some of the wildflowers we found thriving in this desert ecosystem.


  1. It's wonderful that you can trust weather forecasts in Utah! My husband and I have been joking the last few months about whether we ought to believe the forecast here or not. ;) However, the blue skies do look pretty good so I'm guessing you really did have fine weather.

    Glad you met no aliens too.

  2. the weather has been lovely, especially in the desert part of our state. Lovely ride today and I love the shot of Boss nuzzling steve.

  3. Marvelous photos Janie and I thought the one of Boss resting on Steve's arm showed complete trust in his human companion. Thank you for another wonderful post.

  4. I loved the look of this place, the grass and the alcove. Oh, its just all wild and lovely, Janie, you are a lucky girl to be sharing it with Steve and your horse. I bet Daisy was happy to see you return!


  5. That high-water mark is a bit scary. I love these photographs. Reminds me of a good western movie.

  6. The slightest chance of rain and I'd be miles away! That is scary. I love the photo of Boss; surely he was just being sweet because he is sweet. LOL!

  7. I'd hate to be caught in that canyon during a flash flood. I'm glad you checked the weather forecast -- and that it was correct. The scenery is beautiful, though.

  8. No---being caught in the canyon during a flash flood would NOT be fun.. Reminds me of some of the hiking canyons at Zion.... People are warned about hiking in those canyons when there's rain around..

    Boss just looked like he was posing for the camera with Steve... ha

    Great photos. Thanks!

  9. Such a beautiful place! I love that Boss wanted to pose with his buddy for the photo. ;-)

    Scary, high watermark. Makes me remember the warning sign (not to enter when rain is expected) at Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. Flash floods always win.


  10. You guys are really extreme. Thanks again for taking us along.

  11. How amazing to ride through a slot canyon. It is rather a wake up call to see that high water mark.

  12. Good gracious! A rainstorm 50 miles away could result in a flash flood - that's a very sobering thought. Love the GPS holster:-)

  13. Nice pictures. Looks like a good trek.

  14. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to go in the canyon *just in case*. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.



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