April 21, 2013

The River Wild

There's always plenty of wildlife on the Green River. 
Flying Osprey
Osprey on the lookout for his next meal
Common Mergansers

Franklin Gulls

River Otter
This pair of otters loved frolicking in the water.

Steve and his brown trout are both pretty wild,
as are the rest of the maniacal fisherpersons,
Of course, Daisy is the wildest of them all.


  1. Love this. I notice that in your posts you now know that you need to explain Daisy's absence as when you are on land where she is not allowed.

  2. Hi There, Great photos of the wildlife... Love seeing the otters....Great trout that Steve (and Daisy) caught!!!! ha

    Speaking of Daisy, we were hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park --and saw a man throwing a stick out in the water for his dog to fetch... I said to George: There's Daisy!!!! ha


  3. Sure is nice to get out into wild country.

  4. Hi Janie, the heading called me and what a post! I love the otters and the francolin gulls and ALL your bird an wildlife shots. My brother - a maniacal trout fisherperson - would be wild with envy at Steve's beautiful brown trout. I LOVE Daisy in the water. But then, I LOVE Daisy, period. Hope you have great day. Jo

  5. such wonderful wildlife..i have never seen otters in the wild!!

    since I am fresh off a holiday in the wilderness myself ..im not jealous this time!!!

    but lovely pics :)


  6. That river certainly earns its name. What beautiful clean, clear water.

  7. Otters are such great fun to have around. We once lived on a river in WI and the otter family was always as interested in our doings as we were in theirs.

    Wonderful pictures, Janie, and then that beautiful pup, right in her element!

    Jo in MN

  8. I had no idea there are otters in the Green River! This is very exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It looks as if Daisy had at least as much fun as those otters. What a wonderful place for viewing wildlife.

  10. Beautiful places, fantastic photographs:) Greetings

  11. Oh wow, great post Janie. Loved all otter video too.

  12. What a BIG trout! Luckily Daisy was there to supervise. I'll be near the Green River very soon on my way to Zion.

  13. Daisy always makes me smile.

    I don't think I've ever seen an osprey in amongst greenery. They always seem to be on platforms or atop utility poles here.

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  15. nice!
    Daisy is having a great time.
    I drive over the Snake River when I have to go into town, and once an osprey with a fish in his claws flew right over me as I crossed the bridge!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  16. I'm so envious of Steve. But "manical" flyfishgermen...how about dedicated, sporting,patient, athletic, nature loving, conservationists.....:)

  17. Jenny you posting the great story. video and photo are nice and natural.

  18. Loved seeing the otter video. The water is so clear! Nice-looking trout, too.


  19. great day on the river for everybody :)

  20. It must be so cool to see river otter! Such amazing swimmers!



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