April 29, 2012

Fuller Bottom

No, this post is not about plastic surgery or hydrogel injections to enhance one's backside. 
It's not about how many bullet holes are in this sign, either. 
Fuller Bottom was the trailhead for Saturday's 18 mile round trip horseback ride along the San Rafael River. 
Daisy was in heaven.  A trek with flowing water is her favorite thing.  She led the way at the many (about 10) river crossings.  The crossings were shallow and easy at 20 cfs.   Adventurers canoe this river during the spring run-off when flows are above 100 cfs. 
Sandstone cliffs, cottonwood trees dressed in new green leaves, and the clear San Rafael water made for beautiful views.
Most of the trail was sandy, but there were a few challenging rocky spots where the horses had an opportunity to practice their climbing skills.  Doesn't Coco remind you of a grasshopper in the above photo?
Our destination was Virgin Spring Canyon, where we hoped to find rock art.  Can you see the pictographs above Boss's head?  They're perhaps 20 feet off the ground, and no more than 2 feet tall. 
The details are mysterious and fascinating. Are those gossamer wings coming from the figure on the left?  What do the symbols above their heads mean?  Could they be offering something to Father Sky, in hopes of some divine intervention on a deer hunt?
In the panel above, the figures may be holding weapons.  Are those spears, or atlatls?  The painting has chipped off on the bottom.   It's sad to think that these panels may not be here in another generation or two.
This one has already faded with time.   Could the figure to the right be a flying turkey?  That would be appropriate.  We saw a turkey fly out of a grove of trees along our way.
We also visited Virgin Spring, featuring a beautiful pool beneath a sandstone pour-off.  This ride is in the San Rafael Swell.  We haven't explored the area very much so far, but it has so much to offer that I'm sure we'll be back.


  1. That is a unique style and one of the best rock art I've seen. Nice find.

  2. Sometimes I feel like our blog posts are like cave drawings ... although probably not as permanent.

  3. Well, to be truthful, I certainly don't need a "Fuller Bottom"... ha ha ha

    Looks like a great place --and I'll bet that Daisy really did have a good time in that water.

    That rock and dirt path looks like some of the trails that George and I hike on when searching for waterfalls.

    Love the pictographs...


  4. Yes, Coco does do a pretty good imitation of a grasshopper. I'm glad Daisy got to go along with you on this ride. I'm sure she is a trusted guide at those river crossings. I'm also glad you found and photographed the rock art. At least it is being cataloged before it is gone forever.

  5. I love the art. It is beautiful and mysterious.

  6. That is stunning and thought provoking rock art. What a great ride with water for Daisy to play.

  7. I'm so amazed at how well preserved the art is. The figures and symbols are indeed mysterious but so is the strange attraction rifle-carrying beings have to signs. (We have signs full of bullet holes here too.)

  8. I love these pictographs! They are just beautiful.

  9. it is so cool to see those drawings...and you have photos to preserve them...thank you for sharing Janie most of us well never get a chance to see something like this...

  10. blast it. I got sucked into those post thinking that it would be full of beauty tips on getting a voluptuous bottom. unfortunately, it seems that all the activities involved would actually result in a smaller bottom, what with all the calories that would be burned on such an expedition. ah well. Those pictographs sure are cool.

  11. Another one of Daisy's favorite water rides.
    The rock paintings tell a story of a diffident time and world, I hope in has been cataloged before time washes in away.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing photos, Janie.

  12. What a treasure to find all the rock art!

    Looks like you and Coco did just fine on the rock climbing. :-D



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