May 1, 2012

Elk on Tabby Mountain

About a week ago, we rode on Tabby Mountain Wilderness Management Area for the first time this spring.  The gates were still locked to keep vehicles off the roads, but a horse gate is open year round.  In the foreground of the photo above, you can see the brown rails of the horse gate.  It's is too narrow for a 4 wheeler, but wide enough for horse and rider.
We saw one elk bachelor herd,
then another, smaller group.  Both groups were at about 9000 feet, enjoying the first shoots of spring grass. 
The aspen were just leafing out,
as were these currant bushes.
A few bluebells bloomed.
Daisy found a big patch of snow,
and a pond to swim in,
This mallard pair shares Daisy's love of water.


  1. what a beautiful that photo of Daisy in the water...

  2. Daisy is such a hoot! I love to see dogs roll in the last of the snow.

    The bluebells are so pretty, pink turning blue. It's hard to believe that currant season will be here before we know it. I saw some currant blossoms here on Sunday!

  3. 9000 ft seems pretty high to this flatlander. The greens look good but I bet those elk need lots of calories.

  4. Its great to see Miss Daisy enjoying a romp in the snow and swim in the mallards pond.
    She is such a joy.

  5. This looks like a great outing as far as Daisy was concerned. I'm glad she shared the pond with the ducks.

  6. I'll bet it's really nice to ride where the motorized vehicles can't go. So much spring at 9000 ft. Our trees are greening but I haven't seen any flowers yet.

  7. Wow. You have beautifully captured the elk herds.

  8. what a fun ride for you and daisy :) It is so fun to see the animals.

  9. So much prettiness!!!! Love the bluebells and I'm glad Daisy was able to join your ride this time. She is such a good girl. :)

  10. Missed this post in the uproar of my life last spring--makes me look forward to those May days when the elk move up to the calving grounds hereabouts.



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