April 28, 2012

Bad Men and the Living Desert

On another ride, we follow the Bad Man Trail.  Various outlaws who lived in the region used this trail when trying to escape possees.  Steve and Boss stand in front of a path worn into the sandstone.  A lot of bad men and tough-as-hornytoad horses and cattle must have traveled here over the years. 
The desert is in bloom.  The yellow flower above is showy stoneseed.
Flowering serviceberry is everywhere. 
The bees are busy.  This one collects pollen from a wallflower.
This phlox grows in a rounded shape, rooted in a mound of sand that it holds safe from wind and erosion.
A pale evening primrose shares space with prickly pear cactus.
Water is scarce, but plants have deep roots.
Deciduous trees mark possible water sources.
Wily animals and humans know where to find pools to sustain them.


  1. Another great post, I like the pic of the phlox and your description of how the structure helps hold the soil.

  2. Still working on catching up on my favorite blogs I missed while away...yours in one. Enjoyed every post. Beautiful photos but then you have an outstanding subject.

  3. Hi Janie, I was looking for some really BAD men in your post --but only saw a couple of Cutie Pies!!!!!!

    Love your description, "tough as a hornytoad"..... Cute!!!!

    Glad you found a water source, be that as it may!!!!!


  4. You were up either very early or late in that first picture. I'd love to see the desert in bloom sometime. Now that my son moved to Arizona maybe I'll get the chance....

  5. That white phlox is amazing, as are the wildflowers growing out of the rocks in the previous post.

    Are your horses shod now or still barefoot?

  6. I'm constantly amazed at the beauty of desert blossoms. I'm glad you wily humans -- not bad -- know how to find water in these areas.

  7. I've said it before but I really do appreciate seeing your photos of the wildflowers in your area, many quite different from the ones here in Ontario.

  8. Thanks, just started following your blog. Im from east coast, but have traveled to your southeast UT for a week or two every spring to hike/backpack for the past 8 years or so. Your blog offers some great fodder for possible hikes (sorry for the horse pun..)

  9. I'm glad you were traveling with a wily man, and not a bad man!
    I adore all the desert flowers.

  10. you really looking very pretty in desert place



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