June 27, 2010

Leidy's Snow

Leidy Peak, 12,000 feet at the summit, still has a lot of snow. 
We drove up to the 11,000 foot Leidy trailhead without encountering much snow on the road.  Daisy found some in the shadows as soon as we started hiking.
Usually we follow a trail over the shoulder of the mountain to Lakeshore Basin, but this time most of that route was buried.  Snowfall this winter was about average, but an unusually cool spring delayed the melting.
We found marsh marigolds growing in and around icy puddles,
a few buttercups
tiny violets
and diminutive phlox.
Daisy enjoyed a dip in this rivulet that came straight out of a snowbank.
The views were nice, but we'll have to come back in a couple of weeks to get past all the snow.


  1. I am amazed at the snow that is still lingering around.
    That Daisy, she always finds a cool spot doesn't she.

  2. Pretty awesome country. Funny to see snow in June (if not July). Daisy knows where to go to cool off! Good eye (or nose).

  3. It looks like a nice outing that you had.

  4. I love Daisy. She is fun to be with I can in the picture. And those mountain flowers are as beautiful as those we found in the garden. The nature surely must have appreciated your constant visit. :)

    Thanks for the well-wishes due for my daughter and son-in-law.

  5. That Daisy! I'm cold just looking at her! What a lovely scene.

  6. I've never seen white marigolds before - these are lovely.
    & what a wondrous place to go for a hike!

  7. Stunning scenery! Absolutely beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous scenery and wildflowers! I've never seen wild marigolds before.

    Daisy is quite a hardy dog--lying in ice water.

  9. It's strange for me to see all of that snow still there, Janie. We've had horribly hot temps the past 2-3 weeks... I think it's finally coming to an end --at least temporarily.....

    Maybe you can make it further in a couple of weeks. Love all of your pictures though... Daisy loves snow and water, doesn't she?

  10. As usual, you've journeyed into some breathtaking country. That Daisy is such a kick, always finding a place to cool off.

  11. Fascinating landscape and your photos are real postcards.
    Beautiful wildflowers you've found, the first ones pf the year.
    Your Daisy is such a sweetheart, she is always looking for a cool place.

  12. I am surprised that not all the mountain passes have cleared of snow. Where is our global warming, may be it is the reason that the weather behave strangely. It was certainly a beautiful day and beautiful wildflowers.

  13. Arghhh snow! I am sooo jealous... today it is 50 degrees with 90% humidity!!

  14. A true retriever - Daisy finds water wherever she is! I'm liking your hiking shots!

  15. So beautiful! Looks like a fun summer day.

  16. Good wildflowers. I'm amazed at how dogs plunge into icy pools on an even moderately warm day.

  17. Daisy's brave to soak her belly in that cold water!

    Despite the snow, it looks like it was still a pretty day and you found some promising evidence of Spring.

  18. we still have snow on top of the Manti too--Skyline Drive had a snowstorm this weekend! I'm glad we pulled out before it started.



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