May 17, 2010

Reptiles are People, Too

We never know what we'll find on a walk through the Cedars (semi-arid BLM land near our home).  This guy was particularly eye-catching:
He's a 3 and a half foot long Great Basin Gopher Snake.  He wasn't shy.  He kept coming toward the camera.
Obviously, he was demanding a feature appearance in a blog post, and he's not someone I want to have mad at me!
A little farther along, this sage lizard kindly stood still long enough for a photo.  We often see lizards darting through the sand to a safe hiding place under a bush, but they rarely pause to be admired.  I guess he didn't want the gopher snake being the only represented reptile of the day.


  1. I'm glad you gave the gopher snake a starring role so he wouldn't be angry with you. I think I would be backing up as he came to me!

  2. don't like snakes...but that was a great photo...oh boy Bliss would go crazy over the lizard...she spends most of her day chasing them around here....

  3. How funny...they are 'posers'!!!
    I run into a lot of reptiles while gardening and sometimes they seem to 'freeze' as if I won't see them.

  4. Ah, back in the Cedars. These critters must have been lonely after a long winter of no people to see. Lizards are the hardest to get to hold still. And surprised to see such a friendly snake.

  5. What a beautiful snake. We have lots of black and water snakes here.

  6. Its not very common that you see snakes that dont shy away from you. I remember my sprints behind snakes to catch a snap of them!!!

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  7. Great caoture, i´m guessing i would run :)

  8. Ugh Janie..... I am scared of snakes, no matter what kind they are. They make me 'chill' anytime I even think about them...

    BUT--you got some great pictures of them... Pictures are FINE... ha ha




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