May 30, 2010

Bear, Elk and Butterfly

We hike the Mill Hollow trail in Indian Canyon.  The bunch grass is turning green.
A few butterflies are out.
Bears walk the trail again, and leaving sure evidence behind.
An elk stopped on the hill to have a look at us before she ran off to join the rest of the herd.
The wind gusts to about 40 mph. This big old pinyon pine has been shaped by many years of wind.
Along the lower part of the trail, about 7600 feet, golden currants bloom.
Aspen leaf out along low hills and the creek.
We see Oregon Grapes with yellow buds.
It's early spring in the mountains.


  1. Thanks for taking us along with you on your early spring hike on the mountain. I hope you didn't see any other signs of bear along your trail. The first picture is spectacular.

  2. big tracks...looks like a nice hike...

  3. It's always wonderful to go along on these hikes with you.

  4. What a hike. A great treat seeing an elk and the bear track.

  5. Hey Janie, Thanks for taking us on your spring hike. By the way, where are the horses???? I'm sure they are ready to get outside in those mountains also.

    Isn't it amazing how the vegetation changes when you go from one elevation to another????? I love seeing the aspen leaves coming out...

    That must have been a pretty good-sized bear... Yipes...

    Happy Memorial Day.

  6. Hi Janie, I really like the photo where Steve, Daisy, and the tree are all leaning into the wind! It was so windy in Sedona over the weekend, too. We are back in CO and I've been looking for bear scat in my yard - haven't found any yet. There is a teensy snow - not much!

  7. What a lovely tour in your site!

  8. Very interesting trail! The bear print is huge.

  9. Yea for spring! That's really a perfect bear footprint.

  10. I'm seeing about the same buds here, but no elk and definitely no bear. That's a big print.

  11. I'm glad you didn't find that bear :)

  12. Nice photos, Janie, especially the one of the cactus in bloom.



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