August 10, 2009

Reader Creek Waterfall

Only 1.6 miles from where Reader Creek crosses the Chepeta Lake road, the creek drops over a sheer quartzite cliff for a fall of about 30 feet.
Steve checks out the creek above the falls. Daisy really wants to join him.
Columbines cluster on a rock ledge, fed by spray from the falls and the soil they can gather from cracks in the quartzite.
We followed an easy and half-hazardly cairned trail to the falls. On the way back, we make our way upstream along Reader Creek. Steve catches and releases a few cutthroat. The number of brook trout who jumped on the hook outnumbered cutts 10 to 1.

Daisy observes.
Steve throws her a tiny Brook trout, which she shakes and spits out.
She thanks Steve anyway, with a little kiss on the ear.
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  1. I wish I could be there. I love such treks in nature.Beautiful shots.

  2. Beautiful place to hike! Terrific shots! Does look like fun and particularly for Daisy!!

    Have a great week!

  3. That's an awesome shot of the waterfall. Steve looks to be in a precarious place on the rocks.
    So Daisy only likes to watch fishing, not eat them. LOL!

  4. Hi Janie, You know that I love that waterfall. Your area out there is just gorgeous. I SO enjoy reading your posts every day... I'm jealous!!!! Wish I were Daisy in disguise!!!! ha


  5. Steve is looking a little like "Buzz Lightyear" from Toy Story in his fishing gear! This is a beautiful series of photos in always beautiful country. Thanks for sharing Janie.

  6. Daisy has to be the luckiest dog around. She looks so intent watching Steve in the first shot of him fishing. Daisy's expression says it all about how she feels about having a fish in her mouth!

    Another fun post!

  7. Wish I was there!!!! beautiful and so peaceful.


  8. Oh... Just like Indrani said, "Wish I could be there"...!!!
    Great trek. Great place.. Great pics...

  9. I really enjoyed the last picture of Steve & Daisy. What a beautiful place you shared.

  10. That's one happy looking duo in the last picture!

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  12. I always enjoy your trips, and always wonder how you always have something new and so interesting.

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  13. Good Lord I think I love that dog. She goes everywhere with you, is so well behaved and has the greatest expressions! I would LOVE to fish there. What a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your world is such a wonderful delight for my eyes, Janie.
    Thanks for sharing Steve and Daisy's journeys too...

  15. Such a peaceful piece of the world! I wish it were everywhere that calm and peaceful!

  16. Beautiful waterfall! I love the white columbine growing in the rock crevices.

  17. beautiful place, and that Daisy, isn't she sweet.

  18. Beautiful waterfall, and how funny that the dog spit out the fish. (I would,too!)

  19. Beautiful shots! Janie, you really have an amazing connection with you dog.

  20. Thanks for taking us to the waterfall on your hike. I wish I could see it in person so we could add it to our collection.

  21. I love your kissing dog and the smile on the recipient. Nice waterfall too with the bird bridge across it...that's what our children would once have called it anyway.



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