January 27, 2009

A Fetchin' Gal

Our Daisy Mae loves to fetch. She's a lab. It's in her DNA.
Here she is getting ready to play:
"I'm ready! I'm willing! Throw the dang frisbee, already!"

"Okay, the frisbee's in the air! I see it!"

"I've got my eyes on it!"

"Total concentration now. Nothing's getting between me and that disk!"

"It's coming down..."

"I'm here, I'm ready, I've..."

"Got it!!"

I haven't been able to get a still shot of Daisy jumping off the ground for the frisbee, but I did catch her leaping in this video:


  1. My favorite picture is the "I've got my eyes on it" picture. She looks so funny there. In the video she runs to give the frisbee back so quickly. Much better than our dogs. She must be hilee gifted.

  2. Great shots and Daisy looks like she is having lots of fun we have 2 dogs they aren't that clever.

  3. Looks like a most satisfying catch!!

  4. Wonderful doggy friend. Your photos and video are great. I liked your My world post, too.

  5. That Daisy is quite a dog! I still think she needs to come visit Brogan for a play date.

  6. A gorgeous dog, Daisy. It makes their day when we take time to play with them. She has certainly a great place to run and fetch.



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