January 14, 2009

An Enviable Goal

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal (by Daniel Henniger) a couple of days ago about a unique New Years Resolution: Don’t Be Stupid.
Mr. Henniger was referring to our economic crisis and avoiding the stupidity, dishonesty, and naivety that got us into it.
But I'm not a global financier and can't do much about that mess, so I'm just going for the basics.
I'm taking the resolution at face value and adopting it for my very own. On so many levels, "not being stupid" would lead to the perfect me.
I wouldn’t forget anything, I’d make great decisions about where to go when, I’d pick good investments, and avoid worthless purchases. With my new-found smarts, I’d be a virtual paragon. I'd become an excellent cook, never neglecting the pasta until its burned, always having the correct ingredients on hand. I'd keep a clean house and the pictures on the wall would never hang crooked. I would handily train horse, dog, and husband to be just as perfect. I’d wow my kids. And, of course, I’d say all the right things to friends and family, never screwing up and insulting someone unintentionally.
In other words, no flaws. In the immortal words of Eliza Doolittle, wouldn’t it be lover-ly?


  1. I guess it might be loverly, but all that perfection sounds awfully boring! Seriously, if you're perfect, what are you gonna laugh about??

  2. Fortunately for me (I guess), there's little chance of me actually achieving perfection...

  3. At first that resolution sounded pretty easy, but then after reading your post I realized that of course, it's impossible, like all good new years resolutions. It's why I don't make them any more.

  4. Thanks for the ic of Hepburn.

    She was lovely.



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