October 6, 2008

Lake Mountain Colors

Dark clouds dominated the sky on our ride today, and the temperature at the trailer was 45 when we started out at 1:30.
The cottonwoods along Mosby Creek were brilliant yellow-orange.

On the way up the mountain, the trail was wet and slippery, so we rode off trail most of the way. In the aspen groves, yellow leaves carpeted the ground.
Up top, an occasional ray of sun illuminated the snow-capped peaks in the distance and shone upon the gold aspen leaves. Here, the snow on Cliff Mountain (near Paradise Park) is visible in the distance:

Marsh Peak from Gull Lake:
Aspens on Mosby Mountain:

We rode over to Middle Mountain and came down the face of it, back to the trailer. Our ride was a short one, only 2 hours, 6 miles, and 1000 feet elevation gain and loss.


  1. Not being a horse rider, I am starting to wonder: Do you get tired of going on all these rides or are these the highlight of the day? Are you cramming in as many as you can before winter?

    As a hiker and nature lover, I am envious of your expeditions. You are getting to see beautiful scenery that you've captured well in your photos!

  2. Pretty fall pics. You're probably doing the latter, right? Cramming? That's what I've been doing with running and hiking. Although seeding the back yard is cramping my style.

  3. I think we've gotten a bit manic with Steve working half time. Every week, things change in the mountains, which is what makes the same ride interesting each and every time.
    Riding is a training and bonding experience, and that adds another dimension to being outdoors.
    I don't get tired of riding, but sometimes I get just plain tired and demand a day off!

  4. That looks like the hike we went on this summer. The trees look beautiful!



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