October 12, 2008

The Host

by Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series)
Parasitic Souls are taking possession of the human race, leaving only a few pockets of rebels to protest the invasion.
When Wanderer (a Soul) is inserted in Melanie Stryder’s human body, Melanie’s defiant consciousness simply refuses to go away. A bit of a nonconformist herself, Wanderer identifies with Melanie enough to be drawn to a rebel hiding place to seek out those Melanie loves.
Wanderer fears humans at first -- she has been taught they are a violent, unstable species. Likewise, the humans hate and fear her. But as foreign becomes familiar, the warring species learn they’re not so different after all.
What ensues is fascinating characterization, as Wanderer and Melanie seek their separate desires within their conjoined destiny. Neither classic science fiction nor classic romance, the book defies genre in an imaginative, thought-provoking read that questions the foundations of identity, trust, and love.


  1. Perfect wording, you must be an author or something. That is exactly how I felt about it. It was a lot better and more memorable than the twilight series, huh?

  2. Yes, much more depth and complexity of character, but I guess that's why the Twilight series is considered "young adult" and this isn't. I hope Host starts a series. I'll be hooked.

  3. I want to read this, but I heard it was really slow but still good. I'm still trying to finish the Twilight series--too busy. I'm hoping once the baby comes I'll have time while I'm stationed during those feedings.

  4. very nicely put, I enjoyed this book too. I thought she did a much better job with this than her other books.



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