October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tess!

You've always kept your sense of humor at the ready.

You’ve loved animals from the time you could walk fast enough to catch up with one.

You’ve loved your brothers, even when they teased you or wouldn’t let you join in rough games.

You’ve loved your dad, even when he threw your Ollie riding toy in the creek because it was always underfoot.

You’ve loved your mom, even when Mom wouldn’t let you stay out as late as you wished or go all the places you wanted to go.

As a three year old, you began working on finding a soulmate. You suggested your brother Eric as a possible husband (probably Eric instead of Seth because Eric was closer to your size), but we told you a brother wouldn’t do.

You suggested your best friend Carin, but we told you a girl wasn’t quite the norm.
Finally, you settled on a little boy named Collin as a viable possibility.
Don’t know what happened to Collin, but much later, you found Tim, and he seems to suit you just fine.

You’ve grown smart, pretty, funny, wise, (not tall, but that’s okay!) and loving. And, of course, we all love you right back.
To paraphrase “Sunrise, Sunset”,
When did you get to be a beauty?Wasn't it yesterday when you were small?

We wish you great happiness, today and always.
Mom and Dad


  1. What a great birthday blog!! Thank you! You rummaged up some really cute pictures, I love it. You've got me a little choked up with nostalgia here in my cubicle. :) Love you guys too!

  2. you're welcome. I had fun searching through old photos and anticipating your reaction. You'll like the Halloween blog I have on hold, too!

  3. Wow Janie! Now I know what you meant when you said you were scanning some old pictures. What a great tribute to your wonderful daughter.

  4. what a wonderful collection of photos :) !!



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