September 17, 2008

San Juans, Then and Now

In June of 1974, Steve and I got off the Durango-Silverton train at Elk Park and hiked a 40 mile loop trail to the Continental Divide, along Vallecito Creek, and back to the trail at Needleton. Over the years, we often told our kids about that adventure.
In September, 2008, Eric and a friend took the same route, even using our old map on which we had written memorable events, deep thoughts, and our longing for a shower and real food, especially by day 5. Eric added the ascent of a couple of 14000 foot peaks to the route, and still managed to complete the trip in the same amount of time. I think we raised a mountaineer that far exceeds our abilities!
Here are some photos of the same places, then and now. Elk Park, our starting place:
Miner's cabin on the way to Hunchback Pass:

Continental Divide:

Same lake seen from the divide in '74:

Unusual rock formation:

Eric's photos appear to be much better quality. Ours are badly faded. The scenery hasn't changed much. That'll be the same for the next thousand years. The miner's cabin looks a little worse for wear, though.


  1. Great post! that Eric is something else alright, but you and Steve did well too. So are you going to recreate the adventure for yourselves?

  2. That is cool that you guys have some of the same pics as Eric. Those are cute pics of you and daddy.

  3. Your LANDSCAPE is splendid.
    I can feel Nature.

    Thank you.



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