September 20, 2008

Double Rainbow

The sky looked like rain this morning, so we stayed home, read, and enjoyed life on the farm. While we were checking how the pasture looked after Thursday’s irrigation, our neighbor Jim and his boys stopped to chat. As he suggested, we took a load of leftover squash out to Jim’s chickens and collected some eggs. A nice trade.
This afternoon, the horses were waiting at the corral gate for us to let them out to graze. Mischief gets impatient and plays with the gate. Unless it’s carefully latched, he’ll let himself out.
This time, we beat him to it. He and Boss raced out the gate, squealing and bucking and having a fine time, with Daisy running on their heels.
As we walked back to the house, a drizzling rain began. Looking up at the sky, we noticed a rainbow, faint at first, but becoming brighter as we watched. By the time I got the camera, a lovely double rainbow arced across the alfalfa pasture across the road.


  1. Beautiful rainbow. Country life sounds pretty nice. :)

  2. I love double rainbows. Too bad they are so rare, but then that is what makes them special.



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