August 8, 2008

Jack and the Beanstalk Garden

Our garden is still growing like crazy, in spite of its lack of tending. We don't weed. We only fertilized once. Our drip watering system failed to work and we had to replace it with soaker hoses. But lack of knowledge and care doesn't seem to slow this baby down.
The apple trees are loaded, but it'll be awhile before those are ripe.
The squash plants are huge and prolific. I keep begging Steve to take more of the stuff to the clinic. He gave away three big plastic bags of squash this week alone. I’ve already cooked and frozen half a dozen quart packages.
The bush beans have produced more green beans than we need, and the pole plants haven’t even begun making yet. The first of the tomatoes are reporting for harvest. We'll have lots, but perhaps not so many that we're begging for someone to take them.

The corn is tall and making ears. We’ll see how that turns out.

Our various vines are overgrowing the strawberries, raspberries and okra. We have several cute baby cantaloupe and one large watermelon coming on:

And then there’s one other spreading vine with huge leaves that we couldn’t identify. We didn’t remember planting pumpkin, but that was our best guess at first. But the fruit was the wrong shape for pumpkin. Finally, I took a photo and looked it up. It’s butternut squash, I think. It’s still green, but fruit and leaves look right. We don’t recall planting this. How it got into the garden is a mystery.
Oh, well. It’s always good to have something to sleuth over at the end of the day.


  1. Mystery garden items are cool, like when we had tulips even though I didn't plant them. I'm jealous of your cantaloupe! Yum!

  2. Spectacular garden. Also looks like nice berries up in mtns. I love the sunset pic.

    Btw you should turn off the word verification in your blog options... i doubt you'll get too many automated posts.



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