August 23, 2008

Daisy's First Fish

Steve bought a tribal fishing license today and we took a little jaunt to Rock Creek.
We identified a black hawthorn bush/tree, thorns and all. I noticed it when it snagged me as I got out of the truck. Steve caught a few brown trout. Daisy learned what fish are. After exploring a couple of catches, she wasn’t that interested.

Back at home, we chilled out and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.


  1. The first time that Gunther, our old St. Bernard saw a fish, he was scared. Brogan hasn't seen one yet.

    Nice sunset!

    And, yeah, I'm totally lucky to have a lifelong friend.

  2. Those are beautiful pics. I thought from the blog title that Daisy was hunting fish like a pro, a regular trout stalker.



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