August 21, 2008

Evening Cool

Daisy Mae sure knows how to un-lax. (like re-lax, but more so.) She lies on her porch blanket in the evening, enjoying the sunset. Her preference is to stay out until the last glow is gone. Even if invited inside at, say, 8:45, she declines. After all, there’s still a bit of light on the horizon and she's releasing a day's grasshopper-hunting tensions by lazing in the cool country twilight, thank you very much. As soon as it’s pitch dark, just a little past nine, she scratches on the door, ready to hit her indoor doggie bed, on her own time, of course. Ah, if only we could all live the free and easy life of a spoiled rotten yellow lab.


  1. I'm up late at night because I can't sleep and what do I read about? I wish I could un-lax!

  2. That is funny. I guess she'll be in early during the winter! Is she offically allowed to roam the house as she pleases now?



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