March 2, 2015

Dragonfly Panel

With a mild winter and not much snow, southern Utah called in mid-February, and we answered.
Daisy was there, of course, presiding over the ride. She's actually standing on an "old road" as Steve generously calls it.  The rocks piled up along the sides shows that someone did some "road work" once upon a time.
We found our way deep into the Horseshoe Canyon complex, searching for a pictograph we had heard about but never seen.  A fellow blogger gave us some new information, which made all the difference.  (Thank you, Dennis!)
Here's Janie, looking up at the panel that is well shielded by an overhang.
The figures are small, but exquisitely detailed.
Don't you agree?
As far as we can tell from online research, dragonflies in southwestern pictographs are only found in this panel and in one depiction somewhere in New Mexico.
Another scene in the panel seems to show a spiritual calling of the animals, perhaps for good luck in a hunt.  This same theme is seen in the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon and also in the Harvest Scene in the Maze.
Three granaries are nearby.
And previous visitors have found and left behind a few pot shards and pieces of chert that show signs of being worked.
Upstream is a shaded pool, which might have attracted the Ancients to hang out in the area.
Daisy enjoyed a dip.  She never passes up an opportunity.
As we climbed out of the canyon, 3 wild burros (only the ears are visible on the third one) appeared in our path, demonstrating that we had chosen a trail that the burros considered to be a good one. Thank goodness Coco seems to have come to terms with burros and didn't freak out like he did on our last encounter.
With many miles of hot trail behind us, Daisy and the horses were pleased to find a snow bank.  They didn't need snow cone syrup to enjoy their frozen treat.


  1. Hi Janie and Steve, Where have you been? I've missed you. Glad you're already out riding and exploring. Those pictographs are amazing. Glad to see Daisy is up to her old tricks, too. I find it hard to believe you have so little snow. We're having a good snow season in the CO mts.

  2. Hi Barb,
    We moved! We've been looking for a place for us and the horses nearer to the grandkids, and we finally found a new home in Sandy, UT. Moving is no fun, but we've definitely enjoyed being about to see 2 of the grandkids regularly.
    Things are finally getting straight, but we still have to sell the old place. Meanwhile, we're exploring some trails on the Wasatch Front and nearby.
    Glad you got some snow at your house. Utah is pretty dry, only 70% of normal snow.

  3. those pictographs are amazing! what a cool find.

  4. Great to see your post Janie and a wonderful post it is. Those pictographs are amazing, and the surrounding scenery is always stunning.

  5. What an adventure. The panels are beautiful, the granariesa are very interesting and I love the burros. I love the fact that people who had found the pottery fragments left them behind.

  6. I'm glad you were able to find those pictographs and share them with us. The butterflies are exquisite. It looks as if Daisy enjoyed her dip (and the snow bank).

  7. What an amazing place you live in. Bright sunshine, pools and snow. Just incredible. Are the burros wild?

  8. How fantastic that you found the dragonfly pictographs and I enjoyed seeing Daisy and the wild burros too!

  9. What a surprise to hear you have moved. I'm glad you'll be closer to your grandchildren. I've never heard of this panel either, it was fun riding along with you today.

  10. I always enjoy seeing the pictographs you find on your travels. I'm amazed at how much still exists in Utah and in such good condition. Yes, the butterfly pictograph is indeed exquisite!

  11. Janie and Steve, I just happened to see your blog listed on the sidebar of another blog I was visiting and remembered coming here regularly back when I was participating in ABC Wednesday. Good to see you again! Those pictographs are really cool. Utah looks like a gorgeous place for riding.

  12. Great to see you back in the blogging world and congratulations on the new house!

  13. Isn't it crazy that you all (and the northwest) have had such a mild winter this year and we here in the east and northeast have had a wicked winter.... I usually love winter but after our horrible ice storm this year, I am definitely looking forward to Spring... ha

    Great group of pictures from southern Utah.

  14. Glad you are back I always enjoy your adventures! Happy you will be close to the grand babies!

  15. Those wild burros are very cute! (Glad to hear that Coco is sensible about them now.) They must be tough too, to be able to survive somewhere like that.

    The drawings and scenery are wonderful. It doesn't even look like winter there.

  16. Those panels are amazing. Never have seen dragonfly rock art. Although the Takelma people in SW OR honor the dragonfly. Leave it to Daisy to find water. Nice to be able to get out riding in Feb.

  17. So nice that you were able to get out in February....that seems unusual doesn't it?
    The pictographs are lovely; what a great find.
    Missed seeing Daisy the water dog!

  18. A great desert adventure,The pics are incredible.

  19. We are also having too warm of weather this year. But it allows us to get out and enjoy. Congrats on finding a place near your grandkids - aren't they the best.



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