August 17, 2014

Lamar River Trail

In Yellowstone National Park, we hike along the Lamar River trail, where the pronghorn and the bison play. Or snooze,
or roll in the dust, as the case may be.
Our destination is Cache Creek.
The views along the way are unbeatable,
with the wildflowers in full bloom.
Back on the Lamar, Steve catches quite a few cutthroat trout.
He claims to have caught about 20 trout on one grasshopper imitation fly, the middle one in the group above.  It does look a little worse for wear, compared to the new ones.
Steve and a couple of fisherman share trade secrets on the river.
I took the photo of them from the road, where I waited for Steve to return.  As I sat there, a bear jam formed, with scopes pointed at the terrace directly above the fishermen.  A couple of grizzly rolled in the grass and lazed around, unaware of the fishermen, who were also unaware of them, a good situation for all.


  1. I love your photos, especially as that area is one of our favorites. Did you get to keep the fish? I love to see the bison and the elk, and the bears as long as they are not too close :)

  2. I'm glad the bears and the fishermen were unaware of each other. If he caught 40 trout with it, I would imagine that fly will stay with Steve for quite a while. You certainly visited a lovely area of the park.

  3. Beautiful views and wildflowers, the fishermen looked like they were having a nice time, I like the rolling bison!

  4. Great and inspiring pictures from Y.Stone.I had visited in 2012 over a week end.Loved the park and its stunning landscape.

  5. Hi Janie, my fishman would love to fly fish there with Steve as long as Mr bear keeps his distance.
    Love seeing the beautiful mountains and scenery :)

  6. Ahhhh--there's no place like Yellowstone. I love love love that place and want to go back again (over and over)... I think it's my favorite place out west (which we have visited)... You are so lucky to be there. Where do you stay when you go there? We stayed in West Yellowstone --but I know there are many other great places to stay and visit.

    Gorgeous photos... Glad Steve had some good luck fishing.


  7. Twenty trout! My son would be so jealous. He's an avid fly-fisherman. Not sure I'd want to fight a grizzly for the fish, though. I guess they're fat and happy right now. Raining here again - we've been getting showers most afternoons. The forests are green, and I don't have to water the gardens - haven't watered except sporadically with hose since June! Saw more gentians - I guess winter is creeping up on us!

  8. Most definitely, 'unbeatable' views!


  9. It's interesting how some lures work so much better than others. My husband used to hand-tie flies with a bit of our cat's hair. He always came home with fish. :)

    I see that wildflowers are in bloom there. So lovely!

  10. Gorgeous scenery as usual. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes to laze around during the summer. :)



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