June 17, 2014

Mountain Wildflowers

Spring has come to the mountains.  Up on the ridges, above 10,000 feet, some snow remains.
A couple of young bucks hang out along Co-op creek. They are mule-deer, so named because of their big ears.
Daisy loves the high country because she can oversee plenty of territory.  It's fun to be queen of the mountain.
Spring Beauty
Coco and Steve in a field of Buttercups
The earliest wildflowers are in bloom.  After the snow melts, spring beauty, buttercups, and bluebells appear.
Glacier lilies plus Daisy
Glacier lilies are one of the first to bloom.  Daisy accidentally photobombed this glacier lily photo.
Later, we'll see a profusion of  penstemon, lupine, paintbrush, geraniums, and many others, as shown in this photo from a June 20 of several years ago.


  1. I love the picture of Daisy and the glacier lilies. The mountains always seem to be colorful. Just about the time the last flowers die out, the leaves start changing high up. Thanks for taking us there.

  2. I think Daisy makes a grand Queen of the Mountain. The scenery is definitely beautiful, even with the remaining snow. I really like those delicate blossoms.

  3. What a perfect place to go to see the wildflowers this time of year... Love it!!!!! Great group of colors --with gorgeous views all around.


  4. Beautiful shots. I always enjoy seeing Daisy. I love that you know all the wildflowers.

  5. Beautiful shots. I always enjoy seeing Daisy. I love that you know all the wildflowers.

  6. Look at the ears on those bucks?? HUGE!
    Lovely views….beautiful flowers. LOVE that photo bomber the best. :)

  7. Are those mule deer with those gigantic ears? They are certainly healthy looking.

    Daisy has quite the 'queendom' and what a view!

    Wonderful photo of Coco and Steve in the Buttercup field and I love that Daisy happened to photobomb your glacier lily photo. :D


  8. Janie, I love the low-down on the glacier lilies and Daisy. In fact, I always love seeing Daisy in your beautiful world. Have a great day. Jo

  9. I love the mule deer, the wildflowers and especially the Daisy photobomb! :D

  10. How I love the spring wildflowers and, of course, the mountain vistas that go with them...:)

  11. Oh the mountain meadows are so pretty in spring! Daisy does appear to be in her glory overseeing the area!

  12. gorgeous! we did an endurance ride up here last weekend among fields of flowers. AND we rode up on a baby antelope playing possum in the 2-track road until it sprang up and bolted away from us - I got it on video!!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  13. The mountain wildflowers are such a colorful treat. I'm sure Daisy likes them as much as the views. Hope to get out in the forest tomorrow to discover what's blooming.

  14. the mountains are very pretty this time of year. I love mountain flowers. nice pictures.

  15. I've never seen a glacier lily in the wild. Lucky you - they're beautiful. Still not much blooming above our house except marsh marigolds. Arnica and lupine are showing leaves and a few blooms along the trails. Happy summer to you and Steve!



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