March 17, 2013

Red Nub

Our second day in the San Rafael Desert began with golden light shining on a sturdy corral, our horses' accommodations for the night.
An antelope trotted past on a nearby hillside. 
After alfalfa cubes and oats for the horses, oatmeal and hot chocolate for the humans, and a scoop of dog food for Daisy, we drove to Granary Springs.
There, we saddled up and rode to Red Nub.  Red Nub is aptly named, being red and kind of short and rounded.  Names in the area came from cowboys or outlaws and tend to be simple and descriptive.  Long Draw is ... well, long.  Deadman Hill is where an unfortunate horse thief died of acute lead poisoning.  Big Spring is big, at least for that part of the country.  North Spring is to the north.  Etc.
We headed across the red desert sand on an old ghost road, barely visible as a path through the pinyon-junipers.  
As we reached Horseshoe Canyon, we had a view of the Henry Mountains rising above sandstone domes.  The country is dry, rugged, and forbidding, but the amazing views keep us coming back year after year.


  1. Wow - those are magnificent views indeed!

  2. Unfamiliar with this type of climate and terrain it would be forbidding to me thats for sure...:)

  3. Thanks for comment on headboards. very nice scenario and you are doing horse driving

  4. Fantastic views. I am greeting

  5. I feel in love with Utah's landscape when we were there in 2011, and very much want to get back. I agree that Red Nub is an appropriate name for the rock formation.

  6. I love the stories of the Old West, Outlaws, Pioneers, Cowhands, but I have never visited any of the places you show. Beautiful and strange looking!


  7. Blogger ate my comment... Grrrrr....

    Hi Janie, Red Nub certainly is an appropriate name for that big red rock formation... We love that area and hope to go back there sometime.. You are so lucky to be able to ride in that area. Gorgeous!!!


  8. Wow, I'm glad you are back blogging. You guys really are extreme.

  9. Great posts Janie, so good to see you posting. I enjoyed reading your other one too. Thank you also for stopping by and wishing Gregg a happy birthday. He got a big kick out of reading it and wanted to thank you for your kindness. Have a great day!

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  11. It is beautiful country, a great place to ride.

  12. your trails sometime make me jealous...its not right that I live in a concrete city and you enjoy such great outdoors!!

    lovely images of the landscape.... :)

  13. "Janie and Steve, Utah Trails" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  14. Hi!
    The single names for all the places seem so apt and poignant. Your trail today looks dry...hope you brought lots of water. It's been great visiting again.
    Ron and Sophie

  15. I love that view down the ghost road, and such beautiful light on the corral!



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