March 26, 2013

Amazing Space

Steve and I and four friends started down the trail, passing a cowboy brush corral, made of piled up juniper branches. 
"Dang, that's one fine corral," the guys mused, admiring old-time ingenuity. 
As we rode down an abandoned road, we saw grooves in the sandstone made by wagons that traveled this way, long ago. 
Probably the wagons brought supplies for ranchers setting up a seasonal camp, to tend either cattle or sheep grazing the range in the early 1900's. 
Cowboy Cave made a great lunch spot.  Archeologists excavated this cave in the '70's and found sandals and other artifacts dating back 7000 years.  You can read more about it here.
We rode through scenic canyons,
and over the desert hills with magnificent formations in the background.  This area is about 1500 square miles of open space.  The harsh beauty inspires reverence, almost like visiting the most sacred of temples. 
But we did have a destination in mind.  A year ago, we met a sixtyish hiker whose mother had ridden the canyon country as a girl, and told him about a rock art panel she called the "blue-eyed Jesus".  Steve has been hunting down clues ever since.
A ranger we spoke to, and a lone online blogger, call it the "Blue-eyed Princess" panel. Although few people know about it, one of our fellow riders had actually been to the site. 
However, from the looks of Steve and our friend, huddled over a map some 4 hours into the ride, I wasn't so sure we'd find our way.  They look like they're asking each other, "Where the heck are we?"


  1. I love how Utah still looks a lot like it has for centuries, not built up like so much of southern Ontario. Amazing you can see the ruts made by wagon wheel! I do hope you found the blue-eyed Jesus/princess!

  2. Wonderful. Aw and the added fun of a quest makes it even more so.

  3. Oh, I do hope you find it. Must be amazing to walk in the steps of the pioneers. Great photographs.

  4. How awesome to explore that scenic place find marks in the sandstone from wagon wheels of long ago.

  5. You ride through places of great beauty, but the traces of earlier visitors are fascinating. The corral is indeed ingenious. I'm going to assume that Steve and his friend figured out where you were. I look forward to the next installment of your ride.

  6. Gorgeous area... Bet they were thrilled when they excavated that cave. Wow!!!!

    Can you imagine people in wagons in that area years ago???? Mercy Me!

    Hope you all can find the "Blued-Eyed Jesus/Princess" sometime.. Terrific.


  7. Will we find the Blue Eyed Jesus in tomorrow's exciting installment?
    I think we all hope so!


  8. Oh've left me hanging here! :)
    This is a treasure hunt that includes gorgeous scenery. What could be better?

  9. Great photos, love the brush corral, the wheel grooves, and the search for the panel.

  10. Your trail rides and the remote destinations you share with us are wonderful Jamie.

  11. lovely lovely landscape!!!

  12. I read this one before your last post. Such stunning country, and an exciting treasure hunt! we have wagon wheel grooves at some places on the Oregon Trail near here that we often ride over.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  13. What a great quest your group set out on. I may find out as I continue to go through my reader, but are you in the swell?

  14. lovely and very peaceful place. everybody wants to enjoy on that place.



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