July 3, 2012

Communing with Nature

Boss and Daisy love to commune with nature... and maybe with each other.   "Nice view!" says Daisy.  "Easy for you to say," says Boss.  "You don't have to carry a full sized human up a rocky trail to get here."
'Tis the season for wildflowers:
Skyrocket, Scarlet Gilia

Indian Paintbrush

Wild Blue Flax
And butterflies:
Chalcedon Checkerspot
Pericopid Moth
Mormon Fritillary

We explored several beaver dams, some active and some not. 
Is that a large-eared yellow beaver swimming in front of an old lodge?
While Steve was circling the beaver pond, a curious doe came out of the willows and stared at the strange being that had invaded her world.


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  2. Great shots Janie, that first one of Boss and Daisy is delightful. I was here a few days ago and tried to leave a comment but was not able to, then the storm hit and I lost power for a while. Glad to be up and running again and visiting blogging friends.

  3. how beautiful, thanks for sharing. I am afraid to go up on the Manti-Lasal when those fires finally stop burning. It's just like losing an old friend.

  4. Always wonderful when Daisy finds water.

  5. Beautiful butterflies and wildflowers, Janie, but it's that yellow beaver that I find the most amazing! It sure looks a lot like Daisy... but I know it can't be because Daisy would NEVER go near the water. ;))

  6. Isn't it amazing that our wildflowers are blooming with so little rain? You've seen so many butterflies and moths which seem to be content to pose for you. Mine flutter incessantly from one bloom to another. Love the deer watching Steve! Happy 4th to both of you!

  7. Beauty of wilderness all captured in this post. The first photo reveals a incredible sense of space

  8. I bet Boss and Daisy know all the flowers and butterflies also.

  9. I can understand why Boss and Daisy would want to pause and soak up the beauty of these scenes. Your photos are excellent. I can't decide which I like better -- the butterflies or Skyrocket. Your picture of the yellow beaver is pretty neat as well.

  10. A delight for my eyes and senses.
    Have a happy 4th of July, Janie.

  11. Oh how refreshing... Love it... What a beautiful area. Love the wildflowers and those butterflies are terrific...

    That yellow beaver is a cutie...

  12. Really sweet picture of Boss and Daisy and I love seeing all those wildflowers and butterflies!

  13. Sweet capture of the doe snooping on your peeps.
    I love how good Daisy and Boss get along...nice conversations they have. :)
    I ADORE the butterfly photos!!!

  14. Boss and Daisy are great!! What great photos.

  15. I'm amazed at how well the horses can navigate that terrain. Beautiful flower shots.

  16. Another amazing post, chock full of beautiful creatures and nature! Really like the doe watching Steve, Boss and Daisy's conversation, and the large-eared yellow beaver! lol!

  17. Beautiful communion with nature. The red flowers look fantastic.

  18. Daisy and Boss I'm sure have lots of conversations about who does what.

  19. Nice wildflowers, and good patience to get the butterfly shots. Bet Mrs Mulie Doe had a fawn or two hidden in those willows?

  20. So gorgeous...
    Best regards from France,




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