June 27, 2012

Strawberry Fields Endurance

We've wanted to compete in the Strawberry Fields Forever Endurance Ride ever since we heard about it 5 years ago.  Last weekend, we finally did it.  We rode in a 25 mile event, which is wimpy compared to the 50 milers, but we felt pretty good about finishing anyway.  Here we are at the mid-ride vet check.  The trails were well chosen, and the event was very well organized.  And the horses, mostly Arabs, were beautiful.  
Another day, we had a lazy ride in the Cedars.  Well, Mischief and I were lazy.  Steve and Coco were way ahead.  Here, Steve shows off by acting like he had time for a nap while waiting for us.  So not true!
Today, we went back to the area north of Strawberry Reservoir to check out some new trails.  We rode on a ridge with beautiful views.  The wind was blowing almost hard enough to unseat us, but we managed to stay in the saddle and even keep our hats from skittering away.
We looked down on a valley through which the Little West Fork of the Duchesne runs.  We have riden there many times.
The wildflowers are just getting started, and may be a little stunted this year due to a poor snow and rainfall, but the butterflies are enjoying the ones that are out.  These butterflies seem to hang out in groups.  They're feeding on cow parsnip, a member of the carrot family.
A big fire 50 miles south of us has been making the air smoky, which paints the sunsets in yellow and orange.  The "Church Camp" fire, as it is called, has burned some summer cabins, but fortunately no year round houses or people are at risk.  Several other fires are burning in Utah, and some folks have lost their homes.  All over the west, fires are burning out of control from the effects of dry vegetation plus lots of heat and wind.


  1. the wild fires are just terrible...looks like a beautiful place where you are...

  2. congratulations on making the ride. I agree the fires are terrible. It's an awful thing to watch.

  3. Knew there were fires in Colorado and Montana--but hadn't heard of fires in Utah too... How sad.. The heat and high winds are all over the country now I think. It's hot and dry here --and we could easily have a big wildfire here too...

    Great pictures... I really liked the one this time with the butterflies... Neat!

  4. Beautiful pics of the horses and the countryside. Loved the spectacular view of sunrise and the lovely butterflies sitting on the charming white flowers

  5. The fires out west are horrible, even if they do contribute to pretty sunsets. Congratulations on completing your endurance ride. I don't think Steve and Mischief should let Steve and Coco make fun of you. After all, you both got there as well, and I'll bet you got more pictures along the way.

  6. How sad that wildfires have taken some homes but I'm glad no lives were lost.
    You and Steve, Boss and Mischief look fit-as-a-fiddle after a 25 mile endurance ride.
    Thanks for sharing wildflowers, butterflies and a gorgeous setting sun.

  7. So sad to hear about all the fires. Sounds like you and Steve had a good time at the endurance ride. I like the butterflies on cow parsnip!

  8. Great that you and Steve got to compete. Sounds like you're taking some scenic rides. The butterfly shot is wonderful. I was wondering how close you are to the UT fires. Many homes and much habitat is destroyed by fires here in CO. Tonight we finally got hail/rain which wet our forest. We are extremely dry.

  9. The fires really make me sad for humans and wildlife too.
    Lovely photos as always. So was Daisy NOT allowed to join you in the Strawberry endurance?
    Love the photo of Steve acting like he was sooooo ahead of you. Gotta love a guy with a sense of humor.

  10. That looks like a fun adventure. Interesting how the wildfire made for a scenic sunset (sounds like a long day, too).

  11. Congrats on your endurance ride. Glad to hear that they have vet checks but I am not worried about your horses at all.

    We haven't had any fires down here. I was talking to my Dad and they have the first fire of the season south of where he lives in Idaho Falls, ID.

  12. Congratulations on the endurance ride.
    It's sad that fire is destroying so much in your world. I suppose it's the invertebrates that suffer most.

  13. Wow! That was some ride. Makes my thighs ache just thinking about it. So glad you are out of harm's way at the present. Here's hoping for some rain to help contain the fires. No lightning, though.

  14. Sad to hear abt the fires...great photography as usual janie

  15. Glad you enjoyed Strawberry Fields!
    Those fires - ugh. It's already a scary season! hope they stay away from you.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  16. I'm so impressed that you completed the endurance ride. The organizers would not have called it an "endurance ride" if it were an easy accomplishment.

    We keep hearing about the fires in the American West. Sure hope it rains very soon!

  17. Congratulations on completing the ride!

    It seems lately there have been big fires out west almost every year.

  18. Congratulations on the competition!! That's great!!

    The wild fires have been terrible, but they do make some pretty sunset pictures.

  19. Congratulations on participating in the endurance ride! That's quite an achievement. Gorgeous panorama image. I wish I could get butterflies to sit still long enough for a photo. Well done!

    As for the fires, they seem particularly more devastating this year. :-( Hope you and yours remain safe.



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