September 24, 2011

Red and Orange on the Mountain

Yesterday we rode to the top of Strawberry Ridge, about 9000 feet.  To the east, we looked down on Strawberry Reservoir.
To the west, the view takes in Uinta National Forest and the Wasatch Range. 
We rode down the west side of the ridge through aspen forests. 
One grove was full of baneberries. They are pretty, but poisonous. 
They also come in white. 
The Western mountain ash has bright berries.  This fruit is bitter but edible, according to my plant book.
Mountain maples have turned red and orange. 
Our blaze orange vests seem to blend in a little too well....  I hope the hunters take note!
The horses enjoyed eating yellow salsify forbes, as well as tall grass seedheads.
Boss begged for a granola bar dessert.  Daisy stood by, eager to clean up any crumbs.


  1. You were definitely surrounded by the beauty of fall. Our aspen are just starting to change.

  2. Beautiful,

    I know that you have taught Boss better manners than that.

  3. Back on the trail! Stylish scarf for Daisy, too.

  4. Beautiful fall colours! Seems like yesterday that you were posting pictures of spring wildflowers.

  5. I love the fall color in the mountains! We were up at Mirror Lake last weekend (and Provo Canyon today) and I took tons of photos of the wildflowers- the whole time I told myself I was chaneling my inner Janie!

  6. Gosh - how can Steve eat with all the spectators! You have blazing fall colors there in UT - here in the CO mountains we have mostly aspens turning the hillsides yellow. Glad you're all dressed in orange for hunting season! Stay safe.

  7. Thanks Janie, I needed a beautiful and cool Autumn break from our heat and humid here.
    Happy trails,

  8. Those fall colors are magnificent!

  9. Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends --but needed that break!

    I have missed you so much... Glad to be back and see your fabulous pictures. We saw Mountain Ash (with their red berries) while on the mountain at Bald Knob, West VA.. I had never seen it before...

    Love your Fall colors... Can't wait 'til things turn here.

    Missed you..


  10. So lovely but boy! Does it ever look like autumn...already!

  11. we had a pretty drive over huntington canyon on saturday--the leaves are starting to change, we saw a lot of deer and the biggest surprise--a bull moose crossed in front of the truck right at the dam of electric lake.

  12. Those maples are just amazing!!! So cute seeing Boss and Daisy begging. :)



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