April 19, 2017

Shifting Sands

In early March, we squeezed in another trip to the San Rafael Desert.
 It's lonesome territory out there.  No wonder train robbers and other outlaws hung out there a century ago.

We rode toward the Chimney Rocks,
and down to Outlaw Springs.  The tip of Boss's ear appears in the photo.  Taking pictures off a horse's back doesn't provide the best quality.
The word is that the water is quite alkaline.  Our horses didn't drink much.  Daisy didn't mind swimming in it, though.
We explored some rock outcroppings, and found a few petroglyphs.

Underneath the hand prints, you might be able to see the shape of 2 horses and riders pecked into the rock.  This rock art isn't very old.  It might be the work of outlaws or cowboys.


  1. The desert is always lonely, misterious, and hot. I like the yellow-reddish colors of the sand and rocks, and the blue of the sky above. In our desert we meet camels not horses.

  2. I enjoy your photos taken from horseback -- it helps me feel that I'm right there along with you.

  3. I love your adventures. The rock art would seem to me to be very laborious.



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