September 23, 2015

Early Autumn Colors

On the trails north of Strawberry Reservoir, the aspens are starting to change.  The elk mating season has begun, and the bulls announce their presence with bugling. The small herd we spotted didn't hang around long enough to be photographed.
Daisy has a grand time sniffing for elk and running with her horses.
On Tibble Fork, maple reds dominate in the higher terrain, with Timpanogas in the background.
while narrow leaf cottonwoods and box elder begin to change along the stream.
Steve and Coco in Tibble Fork
Autumn colors dress the mountains in splendor.  Another week, and colors will be at their prime.


  1. Gorgeous, Janie. I love your area in September.. We were out there in 2012 and enjoyed the Aspens and other Fall colors... Just beautiful.... I love hearing the Bugling from the male elks this time of year.

    We just got home a couple of weeks ago from the Tetons and Yellowstone. Had a wonderful trip...

    Not much color here yet ---but hopefully, we'll get more color soon.

  2. The autumn colors are gorgeous. I'm glad you can enjoy them.

  3. Oh, to be a witness of this beauty in person must be a treat!! Enjoy!

  4. Oh fabulous, I 'm happy that I get to see the colors in your area. Nibble Fork is gorgeous - I love maples. I love the first and the last photos of you!

  5. That first photo is my favorite Janie but my goodness, all of them are fun to look at.

  6. What a beautiful time of year in your area. Breathtaking images!

  7. The colours are stunning! This is such a gorgeous time of year to be in the mountains!

  8. Beautiful scenery well photographed. I was supposed to be up in Idaho this week but had to put my trip off a few days.

  9. What a beautiful day for a ride. I love the red maples. The mountains are so nice this time of year. Enjoy your fall.



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