October 27, 2014

Southern Utah Tour: The Spur

The Spur is series of sandstone fingers that loom to the west of the Green River.  This rugged land has magnificent views of the LaSal Mountains and red sandstone formations.
Rugged Desert Hikers
Desert Daisy
Happy Desert Daisy
Intrepid explorers
We checked out the deep canyons 
and tortured sandstone landscape, 
Steve's mini Delicate Arch
Desert Sea Lion
the unusual formations,

and some jasper chippings that may have remained from an attempt to make arrowheads or other tools. 
A few wildflowers bloomed, even in early October.  A purple aster sported a fine-looking caterpillar.
We were fortunate to have perfect fall weather for the hike and the scenery.


  1. What a beautiful landscape. The last shot especially is amazing. I can't believe how much that one rock formation looks like a sea lion!

  2. The landscape is spectacular. I would definitely enjoy exploring this part of your beautiful state. But until I can do it in person, I'm definitely enjoying your photos.

  3. A gorgeous desert landscape with a happy water soaked Daisy. The mini arch is adorable. Great hike.

  4. You all look so small in that vast landscape. Daisy can find water ANYWHERE!

  5. that is beautiful, but very rugged country. Loved your pictures today.

  6. Glad to see Daisy take advantage of the tiny water hole!

    The Spur looks like a wonderful place to hike. Someone was very observant to notice the caterpillar. :) Sure do like that background canyon scenery in the last image.


  7. Love Love Love this country - but you already know that!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond



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