August 24, 2013

Along the Streams of Yellowstone

Much of our Yellowstone trip was spent fishing - well, Steve was fishing, not me.  Above, Steve brings in a fish on Slough Creek. 
I took pictures of the reflections,
the frogs (about 2 inches long),
the forest service cabin,
and the wagons bringing tourists back and forth from the Silver Tip Dude Ranch, located in Montana, just outside the park border.  The old Slough Creek wagon road is still used to bring supplies and tourists to the ranch.
Here's an 18 inch cutthroat trout that Steve caught on Soda Butte Creek in Lamar Valley. 
After showing it off, he carefully returned it to the stream in good condition.
I took pictures of sandhill cranes,
green-wing Teals,
Canada geese hanging out on a placid oxbow,
and pronghorn antelope.  The hills were hazy due to smoke from the fires much of the time, but we had a good experience anyway.


  1. Wonderful pictures, Janie! Every thing looked beautiful, especially that trout that would have made a nice campfire supper!


  2. Looks wonderful. I am glad at least SOMEONE was taking pictures.

  3. Your new header is beautiful - you've captured summer.
    It seems as if the wildlife just queues up to be snapped by you:-)

  4. What a lovely trip you took us on, Janie. I just love the little frogs, the water and marsh birds too. Oh, I loved it ALL. If my brother, an avid fly fisherman, saw that cutthroat trout Steve caught, he'd be mighty jealous. Your header is beautiful. Blessings from Jo, Tanzania

  5. What a great time. I love the fish, the bison, everything. When we lived in Utah way back when we used to spend weekends in what Dad called "Guard Stations" the forest service way out in the boonies.
    Glad Steve is going for max sun protection. I need to do better as I had four areas on my face burned off last week. I'm goign to get a boonie hat like his.

  6. I'm glad Steve had successful fishing experiences in Yellowstone, but I'm even happier that you took such wonderful pictures. I didn't realize that there was a dude ranch just outside the border in Montana and that they brought in tourists by horse and wagon. That's pretty neat.

  7. Yellowstone is just such a fabulous place --with so much to see and do there!!!!! Steve looks like he is very very happy to be fishing there... That's neat... Gorgeous set of photos.

  8. Beautiful pictures, I love the reflections in the creek and the cute teals. That wagon ride looks like fun. :)

  9. what a beautiful all the photos...

  10. What a delight to visit Yellowstone. Haven't been there in years.

  11. Marvelous photos Janie! We are in Yellowstone right now and you were right, the temperatures have gone down considerably. It's great!

  12. It sure is great the two of you enjoy being out in the fresh air together. I'm with you, I'd rather take photos than fish and there certainly is lots to see and photograph, especially the wildlife.

    I bet that's a bumpy ride in the wagon.

  13. Nice trout, Steve!

    The wagon ride looks like it would be fun.

    So much wildlife. Now I want to go again!


  14. Looks like a good time to be visiting Yellowstone. Good number of animal sightings. Why is a cutthroat trout so termed:)

  15. How wonderful. I love seeing all the wildlife....sure hope they get those fires under control soon!

  16. Wonderful scenes, Janie. Some of the favorite places my sons and I fished as part of our Montana adventures. Now you can mention to Steve I caught some even bigger cuts in the Lamar and some really big errr. mosquito bites up on Slough Creek....:)

  17. I love Yellowstone! One day I want to hike to the headwaters of the Snake.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  18. Yellowstone is one of my most favorite places on our planet. It's been far too many years since I visited.... enjoyed this virtual visit through your lens! :)

  19. Great photos, Janie. My son would be salivating at Steve's success. Are you getting rain in UT? We're building an ark here in CO.

  20. Beatiful photos! I love your header photo also.

  21. You captured the awesomeness of Yellowstone perfectly Janie. Wish I was there:)



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