September 17, 2012

Fall Colors

A week ago, the first aspen leaves were turning at 9000 feet. 
Now, a few groves have changed completely. 
Most are bright gold, but some have a reddish tint.
Steve and Boss ride through sage, past an old corral.  The willows along an aptly named Willow Creek are below them.  Aspens, some gold and others still green, decorate the hills above.
Along Willow Creek, only a few purple thistle still bloom.
Yellow Daisy stands beside a yellow serviceberry bush, with a big gray hornet's nest in its branches.  We rode right past that nest.  It's low enough to be a real hazard. Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be active. Note Daisy's orange neckerchief.  We all wear orange from mid-August until the snow falls.  We want the hunters to see us, even if we don't see them!


  1. Wow, great colorful scenery. It struck me that the blaze orange kind of blends in pretty well with some of the Fall foilage. Best to wear it anyway.

  2. Love those golden hillsides. Hope to see some color here tomorrow.

  3. Love the autumn colours! And the dog also =D

  4. oooh the fall colors just make me giddy!!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. Seeing the colors here makes me giddy for fall! Of course, our Fall is not like yours, but I wait for it impatiently just the same. Gorgeous photos Janie...and that hornets nest is impressive!

  6. That's one big hornet's nest! You fall colors are beautiful. We had snow at the house yesterday. I got really excited, but it was gone by afternoon. We're heading to Moab next week - hoping for some fall color.

  7. Those aspen are beautiful in their fall finery!

  8. the aspens are gorgeous. I don't like the look of that hornets nest though--but it doesn't seem to bother Daisy one bit.

  9. Just gorgeous Jane. Fall is just beginning to show here at the lower elevations in mountainous Minnesota...:)

  10. Fall colors are mesmerizing & bewitching !

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  12. You have captured all the colours here.
    It would be nice to camp at this place for a year and see the changes.

  13. Beautiful photographs, fantastic colours. I am greeting

  14. You have no shortage of beautiful scenery!



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