August 12, 2012

Mountain Signals

Every year, we ride in the Reader Creek drainage at least once.  John Reader grazed sheep in the area in the early 1900's.  Thus, the name.
The delicate elephant head wildflower blooms along the creek.
Steve played mountain man for a group of Boy Scouts, donning his bobcat hide headgear for the kids.  Boss snorted at the outfit.  He prefers the cowboy look.
Our destination was Taylor Lake, named after Rex Taylor, the first person to stock the lake with fish.  At the time, clueless fishermen thought this was a great idea, but long term, stocking non-native trout has led to loss of amphibian populations in what were once naturally fishless lakes, and to the loss of 95% of the native Colorado River Cutthroat numbers in the Uinta range. 
The Boy Scouts were involved in a signaling project.  Daisy liked watching and drooling for lunch scraps while mirrors flashed in the sun.
If you look closely, you may see the answering signal flash being sent from a few miles below.
We rode to 11,500 feet.  A large rock cairn marks the trail.  We were within sight of the rocky 12,600 ft. pass leading to Painter and Gilbert Basin, jewels of the Hight Uinta Wilderness Area.


  1. Great pics from Reader Creek ride to Taylor lake. The elephant head flowers are marvelous.

  2. Hey, glad you are back!!

    The elephant head flower is wonderful.

    Good ole Steve, he looks good in buckskin and still stays covered up.

    That signalling is impressive. That is a long ways away. It would take a good and steady aim to make that work.

    I remember as a kid in scouts and summer camp listening as the wildlife dept guys talked about packing trout into remote lakes in milk cans and stopping frequently to make sure the water is aerated. It takes us a while to realize that some things just are not meant to be.

  3. I have probably said this many times but I am always in awe of that incredible scenery. Steve looks very much at home in his mountain man role. Love that outfit as do I all these impressive photos.

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  5. I think Steve makes a great mountain man, even if Boss is somewhat skeptical. The signalling project looks interesting. The scenery is gorgeous.

  6. My sons were in Boy Scouts --and learned so much about being out in nature when they were teens... LOVED it.... Not sure how many kids participate in scouts any longer... Too Bad!

    Glad that Steve could be the mountain man for the scouts.... NEAT!!!! Too bad that Boss didn't care for the outfit!!! ha

    Beautiful area... Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yet another beautiful area!
    Love Boss's expression!
    I did fisheries for the forest service in CA one summer - had to deal with removing the non-native trout to restore the natives. I couldn't decide which was worse - the original blunders or the new blunders I was working on.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  8. Another great ride. Steve looks good in those buckskins. Nice to be involved with the scouts.

  9. Steve looks great in his mountain man attire. I'll bet the bobcat hide was warm. Maybe Boss didn't care for the bobcat scent.

    What a great learning adventure for the scouts.

    Lots of gorgeous views, and the cloud in the last image looks massive!

  10. This is such an amazing post. The plains and the vegetation are so unique that I have this sense of being there myself.

  11. The beautiful Elephant wildflowers were aptly named. Love Steve's bobcat headgear,the boy scouts are lucky to have him as their leader.
    Its sad when clueless humans ruin pristine native areas.

    I always enjoy you rides and spectacular vistas, Janie.

  12. Looks like it was a beautiful day for your ride. Great pictures, enjoy your week!

  13. Gorgeous photos Janie! You've been missed.
    So wonderful for you both to help out with the boy scouts; a wonderful organization!

  14. I can see Boss didn't much care for Bobcat Steve! Beautiful landscapes Janie.

  15. I can see Boss didn't much care for Bobcat Steve! Beautiful landscapes Janie.

  16. I can see Boss didn't much care for Bobcat Steve! Beautiful landscapes Janie.

  17. love that picture of Steve and Boss. Looks like there is still a little snow on top.

  18. Taylor Lake looks amazing nestled among those hills. A sad lesson in ecosystem management though. :(



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