August 6, 2011

A Day's Dessert

We arrived back at Roosevelt Lodge in time to eat with the first dinner shift at 4:30.  Delish!  That's me front and center.  I was so full, I was barely able to shuffle out of the place.
To work off the meal, we ventured out on a short hike to the confluence of the Lamar River (on the right) with the Yellowstone River (left). 
Along the way, we met:
A curious doe
Spotted Sandpiper
And, not surprisingly, we encountered another bison jam on the road.
This solitary bull must be British.  He drives on the wrong side of the road.  Or perhaps he's just passing a slow car.
When he moved to the side and regally allowed traffic to pass, I snapped his profile for posterity.


  1. That bad boy looks like he owns that lane of highway.

  2. I hope your Yellowstone journey does not end soon. Really enjoying these images and your story.

  3. What a great vacation you had, Janie... I'll have to remember that lodge when we go there... Sounds GREAT... Can't believe you got to see so much wildlife wherever you were... Great pictures.

  4. I think the bison just wanted to make it absolutely clear whose road that was. You got a nice profile shot of him. You also got a great picture of the doe.

  5. So much to see on just a short hike.

    We had a beefalo jam today going out of the park. Ours are very small compared to the real thing.

  6. You always seem to find the 'action'- even out in the middle of nowhere (granted, the 'middle of nowhere' is getting more crowded all the time!)

  7. The area is just full of activity isn't it?
    That British bull still has some of his winter coat...amazing.

  8. Those bison act like they own the place.

  9. Those bison act like they own the place.

  10. A bison actually ran into/clipped the front driver's side of our Jeep during one buffalo jam during our trip! Rut season is pretty crazy when it's in and around the road!



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