April 19, 2009

Beavers at Work

On a recent ride in the Cedars, we found that the beavers have been hard at work fixing a little hole we made in the dam to see whether it was active.
The beavers made a nice repair. Looking around, we found a few recent sapling cuts.

You can see the teeth marks in this one.
We saw these tracks alongside a dry dirt road not too far from a reservoir. They were about 4 inches long and continued for a hundred feet or more. What made them? Our best guess is a sandhill crane. Any other ideas?

Daisy enjoyed a swim in a large pond.

Indian rice grass is greening near the roots, with the grain still remaining from last fall. This is Mischief's favorite snack. Boss likes it, too.

A storm was brewing over the mountains as we rode back to the trailer. The mountains have 100% of normal snowfall for the second year in a row.


  1. Mischief sure looks like one happy horse. I love the way the Indian rice grass matches the horse's mane. What a gorgeous part of the country for your trail ride adventures!

  2. Busy beavers repairing your hole. Cool to see the teeth marks. So glad for that snowpak.

    Nice ride, as usual.

  3. I'm guessing the snow in the mtns. is good for the ground below in runoff? Funny how you checked up on the beavers. Maybe you'll get to see one in action.

  4. Daisy looked like she was having fun, my Bliss would be in heaven there, she would probably run till she dropped.

  5. Those beavers certainly are powerful creatures. I don't think I'd want to meet up with their teeth! As for the tracks, the only other bird I can think of might have been a heron, but their tracks are probably larger than 4 inches.
    Looks like it was another perfect adventure day in paradise!

  6. beautiful pics,.. u got nice blog

  7. Beavers intrigue me so much - I hope I get to see one live one some day! Michief is so cool - tell him its' very healthy to lead a life quality hunting life, and he seems to do quite a good job! Sheba would be right there in the pond with Daisy! Does she like to wrestle? If so, I may have trouble getting Sheba home again, at least for the first few hours!

  8. Fun experiment to see if the Beavers would repair the hole. Mischief looks to be really enjoying himself eating that grass!

  9. Every day I see your blog, I have come to your country, is amazing

  10. Beautiful photos Janie, i love the first one, and my that seems like it would be too cold for a swim even for Daisy
    Trying to catch up on your blog



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