June 7, 2008

Lupine in the Cedars

The morning was rainy and the afternoon was looking uncertain, so we chose a nearby ride in the Cedars, maybe 5 miles west of Roosevelt. We worked the horses on a lot of sand hills, doing a total of 12 miles in 3.5 hours. We had creek crossings and rocky terrain to traverse, enough change to keep us interested. The area has abundant native bunch grass such as Indian rice grass and needle and thread. We let the horses have the occasional mouthful for a treat.

The ride turned out to be unexpectedly scenic. The sun came out, big healthy stands of lupine were in bloom, orange globemallows decorated the landscape, and we saw a number of wild peas and sego lilies and pretty pink flowers (showy rushpink?). A few prickly pear were blooming, but most were still buds. They’ll be out in force next week. I hope we have a chance to go back and see them in their glory.

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